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photo of Ragnar

In Memory of our friend Ragnar.

A good friend to us and an asset to Asatru, Ragnar, has passed over Bifrost Bridge. Ragnar was very fond of whisky and always shared a variety with the folk, so we drank some whisky in his honor. We talked about times spent together, playing tafl and talking about the runes and the future of the folk.

Ragnar may be known to some as the bearer of the Raven's banner. Here is a photo of him with the Raven's banner, standing in front of his Kindred's banner (Gjalarhorn Kindred).

photo of the Viking boathouse

One of our fondest memories was when we arrived by passenger ferry at the Althing Site on Rock Island, Wisconsin to see Ragnar in Viking garb standing up on top of the Viking boathouse holding the Raven's banner.