Eagle Kindred of Idaho

The Eagle Kindred of Idaho was founded in 1992 (aka 2042 Runic Era) in Boise, Idaho with three members. Representatives of the Kindred attended Althing 12 in 1992 and nearly every Alliance Althing since then. The Eagle Kindred of Idaho petitioned for acceptance into the Asatru Alliance of Independent Kindreds and was unanimously accepted at Althing 14.

The Eagle Kindred has an excellent reputation for making great mead. The first Eagle Kindred Mead was started on Ostara in 1994. Eagle Kindred mead has won many Althing Mead Brewer's competitions.

The Kindred meets once a month, usually on the third Saturday of the month, for a lesson, blot, feast, and meeting. Meeting times and dates vary to accommodate the changing schedules of the members.

The aim of the Kindred is to practice Asatru not as it was practiced by our ancient ancestors, but as it would have evolved with the people had it remained the practice of the majority of our ancestors.

About Joining the Kindred

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